Tuesday, 10 April 2012

All Change At Room To Write

There are changes here at Room To Write.

 For one thing, we've changed our name to Room To Write and Read because we have found consistently that those who write are great readers and that those who read share the values of most writers. After all where would a writer be without a reader? And where would a reader be without a good book to read?

So, we've decided that the website needed to reflect both aspects of this literary experience.

In the last two years Room To Write (and now Read) has become an open-ended, combined group of both writers and readers who return again and again to enjoy the experience and especially the sheer pleasure of the exciting world of words and books.

So our new intention is to build on all this on the new website, with books which our writers have published; reviews of books by our readers. Our rather grand ambition is to feature everything that celebrates the importance of writing and reading.

Our recent conference on Kindling highlighted the significance of the eBook revolution for both new and experienced writers. It introduced them to skills which would showcase their work and make it available out there in the literary world. Writers at the conference also learned how to prepare their work to create hard copy books using the print on demand process.

We hope you will join us here on our new website and be inspired - like our current writing and reading circle - in this creative empowering enterprise.

We'd love you to join in this adventure.

Happy Writing, Happy Reading!

Wendy, Avril and Gillian

Note: The painting heading this blog is a section from a painting of the Nineteenth Century Whitworth Hall by Spennymoor artist  Fiona Naughton who has also designed some book covers for us. 


  1. Just checking that 'comments' works...wx

  2. Love the new look site. I agree that good writers are good readers and the reverse. I am currently reading 'Periodic Tales' by Hugh Aldersey-Williams. As well as giving me ideas about integrating the elements into my stories, this science writing is making me more aware of the scientific vocabulary I use in my own work.

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  4. Dear Judith Science is my achilles heal (bad education) but I am fascinated by the creative possibilities - is a whole new universe forwriters to explore. wx

  5. Great new look at Room To Write and Read which really reflects the changes we have undergone- Thank you Wendy and Gillian for all your hard work!