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Review of Patterson’s Curse by Sharon Griffiths of the Northern Echo
‘Patterson’s Curse is a plant in the western Cape of South Africa. It is pretty, tough and an alien, not welcome there. Just like Kate Vantonde, an Englishwoman, married to Pete, an Afrikaner. When he dies in a car crash, she is left to carry on her husband’s dream – despite the active opposition of his estranged mother, a viciously bigoted Afrikaner of the old school who hates Kate and hates her even more when she takes black friends into her home.
This is a wonderfully atmospheric novel. I was so drawn into the dry and dusty atmosphere of South Africa that it was a shock to look up from the page and find myself in England. It’s even more surprising that Anne lives in the North-East, near Alnwick, and her intimate, effortless knowledge of South Africa and its subtleties is based on many visits to family there.
Although Anne is already a published writer and playwright this is her first novel. Let’s hope there are more.’

The Smile of Deceit – Eileen Elgey 

Published by You Write On

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Eileen Elgey has been writing for as long as she can remember.  Her work has won recognition in competitions and been published in anthologies and magazines. This is her first published novel.
The Smile of Deceit – A Domestic Drama. A Lake District setting.  A quiet hotel.  But undercurrents that could destroy two families are never far from the surface.  Intrigue and deception involve staff and guests alike until a death provides a new beginning.
Just to let you know how much I enjoyed your novel. I thought it was very well written with a page turning story line. Your characters were very believable and I find myself still thinking about them... Maureen.
I was really gripped by your book … it’s impressive –
.… a really good read

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